SHISEIDO | Synchro Skin Lasting Foundation


When it comes to big name beauty brands, Shiseido is an international powerhouse that somehow manages to stay under the radar here in North America. With a whole string of well established sub-brands under its name in the overseas market, I always wishes there would be more to explore yet low and behold Shiseido releases two harmonizing base products; Synchro Skin Luminizing Foundation and Synchro Skin Lasting Foundation. I had the chance to test out the latter in the past few weeks.

Brand: Shiseido
Product: Synchro-Skin Foundation SPF20*
Colours: 11 shades
Size: 30ml
Price: 58CAD
Availability: The Bay, Nordstrom, Shiseido counters
Would I (re)purchase: No
Better Alternative: MAC Waterweight Foundation
Note: This product was provided by Influenster & Shiseido as a testing sample. I am not otherwise paid. All thoughts and review details are solely my own. 

Packaged in a sleek frosted pump bottle, the Shiseido Synchro-Skin echoes the fluid lines of familiar Japanese design. Though heavier in glass, it doesn’t take up too much space on my vanity however the cap has to be matched a certain way to click closed which has be fickle.

Due to the formulation, I recommend a vigorous shake before attempting to use the foundation for the first time. The high water content means there’s often separation in the bottle so don’t be alarmed if the first few pumps are just clear liquid.

Appropriately mixed, the texture of Synchro-Skin is smooth and creamy; easily spread with a brush or a sponge though I personally prefer the latter. The product spreads quite thin over the skin and feels very lightweight.

The shade I had been testing out is labeled Neutral on the bottle but the Shiseido’s website appears to denote an intensity number which I am not able to find. Upon initial application, the colour looks quite close to my skin tone but is perhaps a smidge dark compared to my neck. There is slight oxidization throughout the day. Unfortunately this foundation doesn’t brighten up my complexion and I tend to look dull in a hour or two. See my other foundation matches here.

With varying methods of application, I can achieve a range between light to medium coverage which is great for everyday wear. There is a tendency to cling to dry patches so a heavier moisturizer or a smoothing primer is recommended. Over applying and over buffing the foundation can also emphasize dry patches. The initial dry down is a soft matte but will soften to a satin finish in about 30 minutes.

Shiseido | Synchro Skin Lasting Foundation (shade: Natural)

I found average wear to be 4-5 hours on my combination skin before it starts to breakdown so it’s not particularly long wearing at all for it’s name. Oil control is lacking when worn alone. I prefer the finish on the drier parts of my face after a few hours of wear but by then my forehead will need to be touched up.

This foundation needs proper double cleansing to remove. I initially noticed clogged pores after frequent wear but more thorough cleansing seemed to help. This is something I recommend taking off as soon as you get home instead of waiting around until bedtime.


The Shiseido Synchro-Skin Lasting Foundation* is a light to medium coverage creamy product with a satin finish. The finish does look very pretty but it is for a very specific customer; someone who doesn’t have too many dry patches, has normal skin (or prefers to wear a primer) and isn’t concerned about longevity. In every sense I simply found this to be a very average foundation. Personally, many things fall short for me but I may potentially give the glow version a try. 

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Haul | Summer (Asian) Skincare Routine + video

Asian Skincare-June 02
  • DR. MORITA | Whitening Essence Facial Mask
  • MIZON | Snail Repair Ampoule
  • MIZON | Oh! Shy : Lady Aqua Layer Foundation
  • SHISEIDO | Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam
Where to find them:
Dr. Morita // Sasa, YesStyle, select T&T Supermarkets.
Shiseido // Sasa, Adam Beauty, eBay, select T&T Supermarkets.
Mizon //  Korea Depart, eBay

Asian Skincare-June 01
  • LANEIGE | White Plus Renew Skin Refiner
  • LANEIGE | White Plus Renew Emulsion
  • LANEIGE | Basic Skincare Mini (basic refiner, emulsion, water bank essence, waterbank cream)
  • MAMMONDE | Age Control Mini (softener, emulsion, essence, cream, eye cream)

Where to find them:
Laneige // Amore Pacific Official eBay store, Amore Pacific online / shops
Mammonde //  Amore Pacific Official eBay store, Amore Pacific online / shops

So there we are, a full set of skincare goodies ready for the warmer weather to hit town. I’m actually extremely excited to rekindle my relationship with Laneige products as they were one of the very first Korean beauty brands I’ve ever used and I can’t deny the rose tinged nostalgia. Of course the Mizon Snail Repair Ampoule is also a much anticipated item, I had been on fence about it for months but decided it’s finally time to jump in as I look forward to pairing this up with my favourite Snail Repair BB Cream (reviewed).
How do you switch up your skincare for summer?
Which item are you most excited to see more about?

SaSa Haul: New Asian beauty products for winter

I find myself browsing SaSa’s online shop more frequently in the past month or two ever since I finally figured out their sneaky free shipping schedule (see video for explanation). No longer having to fear the $18CAD shipping fee to Canada, I now have an extensive SaSa wishlist of things I want to try out. So when free shipping rolled around again a few weeks ago, I made an order to replenish a few necessities and trying out some new brands at the same time.


  • Skin & Lab | Triple Action Essence
  • Skin & Lab | Mont Blanc Glacial Water Drop

All products from SaSa have been linked for your reference (if available) but I must warn you that some items sell out fast and not all items are permanent. Skin & Lab products can be found through Wishtrend.

Look out for these items in future blog posts, I can’t wait to finally open and use them in my daily routine. Most of these products will just be replacing other similar items that I am using up…and talking about used up products, I’m pumped to film my first ever “empties” product video soon. What item are you most excited to see in a review?

HairDiary: My Hair Routine!

t’s a complex relationship, you know, this thing between women and their hair. Many of use feel greatly attached to it, perhaps much more than any other of our outwardly visible body part. Sometimes we love it, other times it drives us crazy.


My relationship with my hair is no different. Though I’ve never been extremely caught up in the latest hair “styles” or doing different looks day to day, I have and have been for quite a few years now, in a locked combat between colouring my hair and caring for it. You colour it. Then feel guilty and try to treat it. Your roots grow out and you’re back to colouring.

Currently however, I’ve been putting in a good effort to keep my hair in its best possible shape, while still doing some colouring from time to time. My best hair buddy? Conditioners, masks and post-shower treatments. 
Here I’ll share some of my current haircare items!

a photo log

Shiseido Tsubaki Shinning haircare
  • Shiseido Tsubaki Shinning Haircare [shampoo + conditioner]

For me this line (at least the red one) is pretty mediocre. Its good but nothing fantastic. I think perhaps it is one of those things you need to use over time to see consistent results. For a basic haircare line its good and I like the way it smells.

Joico K-Pak haircare

  • Joico K-Pak haircare [Shampoo & Conditioner]

Nothing but good things to say about Joico’s K-Pak line. Yes it is REALLY expensive and totally not within my budget for haircare however I will get it if it goes on sale for a good deal. After the very first use I could tell the effect it had on my hair, it was just so much smoother, resilient and manageable. I suppose it may not be the best choice for oily hair but otherwise, a stand out product!

Essential Haircare + Tsubaki Haircare

  • KAO Essential Damage Care [Nuance Airy]
  • Shiseido Tsubaki DamageCare Conditioner
Surprisingly, I really enjoy this combo as well. Even though they are from two completely different lines I like that the shampoo lightens up the feel of my hair while the heavier conditioner treats my ends. The bane of coloured hair is often oily roots and dry ends and this combination of products pretty much solves the problem. I quite like both of them!
Hair Tretments-Argan Oil

Review: AquaLabel skincare review

Hi Everyone,

Its here! Its here!

For those of you that have been eyeing this popular line from Shiseido in Asia, here’s my review on their AquaLabel skinare line. But first, in case you aren’t familiar with this Shiseido sub-brand, Aqualabel makes three different ranges of skincare focused on different needs of people of (mainly) different age groups.

Intense Moisturization
Aqualabel Red


Aqualabel Yellow purple

Whitening/Skin Brightening
Aqualabel Blue
All three ranges actual include some base items too, such as sun protection, foundation base and even foundation as well featuring the corresponding benefit of the skincare.

From watching the CM’s from the line, I feel that Aqualabel’s goal is to promote a skincare lifestyle, not merely products to put on your face. 
Check out this one for example.

What I picked up to try was the “White-up Lotion” and the “Whitening Emulsion” in other words the toner and moisturizer from the range. When it comes to trying out new skincare, I usually got for these two products as I think they are the ones that should be the most effective. Items like face wash I feel (because they are rinsed away quickly) usually make little difference to the effectiveness of the line.

 Shiseido Aqualabel

A closer look at the items……
Shiseido Aqualabel
  • Super watery and light texture
  • No stickiness or residue on the skin (or hands for that matter)
  • Leaves skin fresh and breathing after application
Shiseido Aqualabel
  • Easy to spread and very fluid
  • Not greasy but leaves skin just moist enough and very comfortable
  • Faint spa scent, no heavy perfume
  • No breakouts or sensitivity
A quick look at the ingredients, I’m fairly certain that if you buy this product in Hong Kong or somewhere, there might be an English ingredients list/sticker on the packaging. Mine does not. However I’ve posted the back for those of you that can read Chinese!

(I found out that one of my favourite bloggers Yuki has posted the ingredients in English, from her package. You can read it on her blog HERE.)

*click open on Flickr to enlarge*
Shiseido Aqualabel

Overall, I feel that this line by Aqualabel is good basic skincare and likely more effective in the long term. Not as immediately satisfying as the HADALABO Whitening range but better for those with normal/combination skin who want a solid and extensive system. Oh and be sure to purchase the “Aqua Effector” that I mentioned in the video if you do decided to give Aqualabel a try, I do have a feeling that this product will greatly increase the overall effect of the other items (I might give in and end up getting it, we will see!).

Beginners guide to a fresh flawless face (drugstore)

Hello Everyone,
With school just around the corner (or perhaps some of you have already just headed back to school), I thought I’d contribute to the excitement with a post of back to school makeup items.


This one in particular is fitted for those just getting into highschool or are just starting out with makeup. If you’re unsure of what to get for you’re first makeup bag, here’s a few suggestions to get you going!


Okay, roll the video!

Did you get all that?
Time for a summary, just to be sure.

Beginners makeup kit

  • CANMAKE Cover & Stretch concealer
  • HARDCANDY Fox in a Box
  • HADALABO Moist in Cream (BB Cream)
  • N.Y.C. Blushable creme stick
*Runaway item! Sneaky powder missed the photoshoot!*
Maybelline FIT-ME powder
  • MAYBELLINE FIT-ME pressed powder
Beginners makeup kit
  • SHISEIDO Eyelash curler
  • MAYBELLINE Eyestudio Drama liner
  • WET ‘n WILD ColourIcon palette (variations)
  • MAYBELLINE The Colossal Volum’ Express mascara
Beginners makeup kit

  • BONNE BELLE lip sparkler/gloss
  • NIVEA Pearly Shine lip gloss stick

Of course these are just the items that I had on hand and which I pulled out from my own makeup drawer. You can substitute with a product that you already love or something that you’d like to try out. The key is to achieve a simple fresh face that has a bit of life and definition to it using a few hard working products.

 Feel free to leave a comment about your favourite beginners item or your first item of makeup!
Hope this was helpful for all of you, see you tomorrow ^-^