Haul: iHerb – Pacifica, ELF, Weleda


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New year means new products! I’ve been secretly stashing away the last few iHerb orders so I can put it together in this haul video. In the skincare department, it’s still all about keeping dry flakes at bay while the heater is blasting and I’ve finally gotten around to trying out the Weleda brand. Admittedly, the cute metal tubes did play a role in this purchase but many great things have also been said about their products and there’s such a wide selection of skin and body care to choose from. Makeup wise I’m still looking for the best “no makeup” makeup selection with pinky nude hues and products that I can put on with minimal mirror effort. That being said, I’m off to test out this Pacifica 7-Free nail polish…

Good night,

 * This post contains an iHerb rewards code that I was given upon my introduction as a first time customer. When used by other first time customers, I gain rewards points which can be redeemed towards my own next purchase for a limited time. This “cash back” reward comes from iHerb’s own marketing budget, not from your order.

Review: Acure | Brightening Facial Scrub

Face scrubs are one of my skincare weaknesses. If I see a new one on the shelf, then I must go and have a peak. With that being said, I’m also probably more fickle than the average person when it comes to choosing one but today’s product is a highly raved about green product that’s been on the hot list of almost every natural/organic skincare junkie so naturally, I had to dip in too.

Brand: ACURE
Product: Brightening Facial Scrub
Details: Argan stemcell extract, chlorella growth factor, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, silicon free, petrolatum free, 100% biodegradable
Size: 118ml
Price: $9 USD
Availability: iHerb(.com), Wholefoods, select supermarkets, select health food/nutrition stores
Would I repurchase: Undecided.
Website: www.acureorganics.com

Acure has branded itself to be quite an affordable and approachable nature conscious label with a tightly curated range of skincare products (many of which contain organic ingredients) for a basic non-fussy, unisex friendly regimen. I’ve only pick up two products from them so far but there’s a lot more on my list to explore and at first glance I’m quite thrilled to see they are doing natural at such a good price point for those who are just wanting to start exploring.

Now the Brightening Facial Scrub is based around sea kelp, french green clay and the mysterious chlorella growth factor but more on that later. The product dispense via a squeeze tube packaging which works well for the slightly thicker consistency and I’m very happy to report that the flip lid closes tightly so if you’re a shower scrubber like I am, it’s not going to leak.

What you get here is a very gritty, very green and very herbal scented physical exfoliator that contains varying sized particles suspended in a thin base. Compared to the Alba Botanica Sea Algae scrub (I’ve reviewed previously), this is much more loaded and with overall larger grains. It did a quick and effective job at making my skin super smooth and I didn’t have to exfoliate 2-3 times a week because a single session does a thorough job but even after weeks of use, I’m still undecided if I love it and it all comes down to how rough your like to scrub.

I find that the varying sized natural particles seems to have uneven edges so while some grains are perfectly fine, others felt a bit too harsh and there was no way for me to go about it gently because it’s all mixed together. And while the ingredients list coconut, argan and olive oils, I didn’t find this creamy nor moisturizing and for this fact would prefer it more as a summertime product. Granted, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker if you have more tolerant skin but this is not something that I’d recommend for sensitive skin types.

Now let’s not forget about the chlorella growth factor which according to Acure’s research (see details here) is an anti-aging sea algae which promote cell regeneration at a DNA level by protecting collagen levels. This is something completely new to my skincare vocabulary and logically I don’t see its potential being used to full effect in a face scrub that will only go down the drain in a few minutes. However, Acure does employ CGF in other products such as serums and moisturizers which may be a little more appropriate should you be interested in it.

The Acure Brightening Facial Scrub is a very effective, quick and gritty exfoliator best reserved for the body or on tolerant and slightly oilier skin types. I love that this is just loaded with grains so you really don’t need much product to have a thorough experience but on the other hand this can be too rough on sensitive skin types. For those looking for a finely textured, excellent scrub with a creamy/oil base then the Dermalogica Therafoliant is the way to go. However if all this doesn’t bother your skin then I’d say this Acure scrub is great value for your money and well worth a try!

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Organic Curoxidant Blend [(Organic Euterpe Oleracea (Acai) Berry, Organic Rubus Fruticosus (Blackberry), Organic Rosa Canina (Rosehips), Organic Punica Granatum (Pomegranate), Fair Trade Organic Aspalathus Linearis (Rooibos)], Organic Calendula Officinalis (Calendula), Organic Matricaria Recutita (Chamomile), Organic Aloe Barbensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, French Green Clay, Organic Lemon Peel Granules, Saponified Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Cellulose Gum (Vegetable), Organic Olea Europaea (Olive Oil), Organic Ascophyllum Nodosum (Sea Kelp), Theobromo Cacao (Cocoa) Powder, Organic Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (Chlorella Growth Factor), Chlorophyll, Glucono Delta Lactone (Fermented Sugar), Carageenan, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Stem Cells, Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil, Potassium Sorbate (Food Grade Preservative), Lilium Candidum Leaf Cell Extract, Essential Oil Blend of Salvia Officinalis (Sage) and Mentha spicata (Spearmint).

Haul | Summer Natural Beauty Products (iHerb) + Video

There’s something about the summer heat that makes me crave…face wash? Yes. Whatever it is, I’ve recently bought three deep clean, exfoliating, warm weather worthy cleansers from my latest iHerb purchases. It just feels like you can never get clean enough in the muggy heat! Oh and of course some makeup snuck into my basket too.
iHerb beauty haul


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Admittedly, I’ve already busted out the Acure Cleansing Gel in excitement and it’s been a great refresher this time of the year; a welcomed change from the high foaming products I’m normally using. The Brightening Scrub has also seen some action at the sink but it’s too quick to judge yet. More on everything in a couple more weeks but do let me know what your little eyes have been eyeing in these warm weathered months!

* This post contains an iHerb rewards code that I was given upon my introduction as a first time customer. When used by other first time customers, I gain rewards points which can be redeemed towards my own next purchase for a limited time. This “cash back” reward comes from iHerb’s own marketing budget, not from your order.

EVENT: LynnSteven EcoBeauty Summer Bash

Living in Vancouver, us Westcoasters are known for our taste in eco-conscious, natural and might I add slightly…hipster… products. Combine that with a small, homegrown boutique in the historic Gastown location and that’s what I was recently treated to at LynnSteven, a local shop catering to all the above with gorgeously tiled floors and an inviting, fresh interior. In addition to stocking one of a kind fashion items, they have lately been expanding their beauty arsenal

Leah alexandra Jewelry
LynnStevens Ilia Lipsticks

Lynnstevens RGB nail polish

LynnStevens Ilia Makeup

It was great to see a few familiar brands on the shelves plus a few new names. Of course there was no hiding the audible shriek upon me finding out they carried RGB Nail Lacquers (super chic shades, 3-free formulas in stylish bottles) and equally exciting to find a super smooth hydrating formulation in Ilia Tinted Moizturizers. A few names like Butter Elixir and Belmondo still need some further research but I’m always happy to expand my beauty vocabulary. Instead of weeding through the plethora of up and coming names myself, it’s always helpful to walk into a store with a well curated, manageable selection of products to try out.

LynnStevens Event
THE GIRLS: Do Want Makeup | Mizz J | Cosmetic Proof

Between product swatching, popsicle eating and drink sipping, we even managed to snag a few minutest at their summer photo booth! And while none of us coordinated outfits, I have no idea why we all showed up in darks on a hot summer day.

Natural Beauty Proucts
PRODUCTS SHOWN: Zoe Organics (Natural Insect Repellent*) | Tata Harper (Resurfacing Mask*) | Ilia (Natural Lipstick*) | Butter (Elixir Oil*) | Dalish (Cheek & Lip Tint*)

The night ended with a completely unplanned pudding pit stop down the street and a little bag of natural beauty treats swinging on my arm as I strolled down the cobblestoned street. Thanks for having us LynnSteven and look out for reappearances from these little beauties!

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iHerb Haul | Natural-Eco Conscious Beauty Products

Placing an order at iHerb, is never just a single order. Missing the feel of my favourite clarifying shampoo (you’ll find out about that one in the video), I decided a little shopping was in order and with that came a couple of mini shopping trips from this eco-friendly e-retailer. Seeing as I recently destashed my makeup collection, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a few makeup items as well…right?


Ordering from iHerb for the first time?
 Gives you $5OFF (orders less than $40), $10OFF (orders more than $40)*


A few useful repurchases mixed with a some new trials makes for a pretty exciting stash of beauty products this time around and I especially can’t wait to dig into those Physician’s Formula powder products as well as the Alpha Hydroxy Peel. I’m sure some of these items are probably well loved favourites of yours too but do let me know what you’re looking forward to seeing in action!


* This post contains an iHerb rewards code that I was given upon my introduction as a first time customer. When used by other first time customers, I gain rewards points which can be redeemed towards my own next purchase for a limited time. This “cash back” reward comes from iHerb’s own marketing budget, not from your order.

Review: Vain Pursuits | Complete Personalized Skincare

Chances are if you’re reading my blog, you adore hearing about and trying new beauty products but sometimes you just want to keep parts of your routine simple and straight to the point. Take skincare for example, you can scour the shops trying this formula and that looking for the right one to fit you…or… how about having skincare made just for you? Something with your skin, lifestyle and personal preferences in mind.

I was recently introduced to a unique, completely personalized way to get your daily skincare. Vain Pursuits is an eco-conscious beauty subscription service based out of Montreal Canada who specialize in blending your perfect skincare product. No, it’s not about matching you to a pre-made bottle on the shelf. Instead, their lab technicians create your special cleanser, lotion, moisturizer (and much more) with your preferred textures, functions and can be made in both non-scented or your scent of choice.

How it works: Fill out a personalized skincare survey, consult with your VP gal pal, try your samples and start your monthly subscription.
What I received: Cream cleanser*, toner*, night cream*.
Pricing: $49/month or $44/month (on 3 months pre-paid subscriptions)
Shipping: Canada & USA (Included in subscription fee)
Details: Cruelty free, paraben & sulphate free, focus on natural & plant based ingredients
Website: www.vainpursuits.com
Coupon Code: GERRYVAIN1MTH (pay just $25 for a 1 month Vain Collection)
                        GERRYVAIN (1 month free with a 3-month plan)

I was kindly invited to try the service out for myself and was directed to the Vain Pursuits website to start my skincare survey which is a series of detailed questions meant to really get you thinking about both your skin and your lifestyle. It involved basic questions like age and sun exposure to the amount of sleep you get, how much caffeine you consume on the regular and what is your current skincare regime. There’s practically no stone unturned here.

With my quiz completed, I was matched up to a personal skincare gal pal who studied my answers and sent my special blend to the lab to be made. Your first order starts out as a bit of a sampling process which allows you try out the first batch and make adjustments with the help of your gal pal to fine tune the products later on. A week or so after, a little brown parcel arrived at my door!


The very first product to my routine is a cream cleanser, something I absolutely did not expect from opening the box. My gal pal explained (on the accompanying handwritten note card) that to keep it as natural as possible, it was made without unnatural foaming agents which are (from a skincare perspective) unnecessary. I found the texture of the cleanser soft and very comfortable to use but better yet, it rinsed off completely clean without any grimy residue nor leaving my skin feeling parched. It’s crafted with calming ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera and green tea plus it is unscented, making it great for sensitive skin. I save mine for mornings when I need something gentle instead of makeup removing and it works perfectly for that. My only battle was actually with the packaging which made it next to impossible to dispense a proper amount through the tiny pump opening, seems like a jar or a squeeze tube would be much better suited for such a dense formula.


Next up, it was time to refresh and tone with my balancing mist. It contained some of the same soothing ingredients as the cleanser and there’s not a whiff of alcohol at all which is often found in many commercial toners. Not only do I like using this pre-moisturizer, I also use it as a mid day spritz when my skin needs a little pick me up. Surprisingly this was scented with lime although I mentioned I did not like prefer strong citrus scents in my survey but again this is something that can be changed in a future order if it does happen to you.

As a basic, hydrating face cream this is possibly one of the best I have used for a natural product in terms of all around texture, effectiveness and just the way it works. My usual fear with natural moisturizers is that they are either terribly runny or suffocatingly thick and hard to blend since they often lack the usual chemicals to make them spread smoothly. This one was perfect. In fact, I actually recall saying that out loud the first time I put this on. The cream felt rich and lush with aloe vera gel, avocado oil, grapeseed oil and shea butter yet absorbed quickly into my skin. On certain extra dry winter nights, I prefer mixing this with a facial oil for an extra kick of nourishment but it’s actually also a great winter day cream for me and allows my makeup to sit comfortably and smoothly. With no breakouts, no sensitivity, the basic formulation is perfect. The only thing I would change? The scent. Eucalyptus and I have not exactly made friends with each other. 

Here’s a coupon code to get you started: www.vainpursuits.com
    IN1MTH (pay just $25 for a 1 month Vain Collection)
  • GERRYVAIN (1 month free with a 3-month plan)
  • (Note, I don’t make any money off your order.)

As a brand concept, I think Vain Pursuits is doing something smart and functional. As a product, they have really impressed me with how well their concoctions are formulated and I actually enjoyed every single product. They hit it right just with one trial save for a few tweaks with the scents. Now, this type of subscription service is for a very specific customer, someone who doesn’t want to fiddle around looking for the right product and who prefers a basic consistent skincare routine. If you have specialty requirements such as allergies or even scent sensitivity, their lab can make something to fit exactly what you need. Note that you can not buy single products individually and they come packaged together in each kit. Ultimately, I do think you can find similar products at a lower overall price point but customization is the unbeatable factor here and it is well worth a try if you crave something unique.

Review: Josie Maran | 100% Argan Oil

Sometimes you stumble upon beauty products out of curiosity, other times you find them out of necessity. In the case of the past few weeks, I had finally succumbed to the winter flu which left my ability to breathe normally totally non-existent but more annoyingly my skin was desert dry. Scrambling through my stash for something to hold me over, I found this small bottle of 100% argan oil which was part of a Sephora beauty set I got during the holidays.

Brand: Josie Maran
Product: 100% Pure Argan Oil
Variation: Regular (shown), Light
Size: 15ml
Price: $20CAD (15ml), $60CAD (50ml), $120CAD (120ml)
Availability: Sephora, Josie Maran online
Would I repurchase: Yes!
Website: www.josiemarancosmetics.com

With argan oil being the “it” ingredient a couple of years ago I have excited tried it in many different forms from argan infused hair products to blended argan facial oil but none have impressed me much. The main issue with most of them was the thick, almost heavy consistency that seems to take forever to absorb.
This mini sized Josie Maran 100% argan oil is packaged in a small tinted glass dropper bottle which allows you to measure out as little or as many drops that you need for various application methods. It can be used pure or mixed with other products. This multi-purpose product can be used all over from face to body and even in your hair. As a former model (probably most well known for her Maybelline ads) Josie’s turn into beauty care seemed like a natural thing and her entire line is abased around this single natural ingredient, the argan nut. Full of essential fatty acids, it’s said to be the golden ingredient for moisturizing, nourishing and providing anti-aging benefits for your skin.

Of course my issue at hand was much simpler, I just needed something to soothe my sore nose (a whole roll of tissues will do that to ya) and parched skin. I first tried rubbing some argan oil directly over dry spots throughout the day which seemed to help with the immediate tightness. Then feeling a little more confident, I used a few drops over my day and night moisturizer and within a day or two my skin became much more manageable. I was even able to put some foundation on without looking like my skin was peeling in beige coloured patches. From there I’m now also using it for my nails and my hair before bedtime all with pretty happy results.

Although the texture of this 100% pure argan oil is thicker (than say the NUXE Dry Oil), it had a creamy consistency that was a pleasure to use. Practically without any scent, it felt soothing and comfortable to use while leaving my skin feeling silky and plump. After a few minutes, there was no residue or greasiness.

Now whether all pure argan oil are made the same I actually don’t know but I’m really glad I finally found an argan oil product that works for me. We’ll still have to see if this provides any long-term healing effects but purely for adding that extra layer of fatty goodness (yes, even for my combination skin), I am completely sold.

Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil is smooth, creamy and absolutely beautiful. Having used a plethora of blended argan in fused products, finally trying the pure thing changed my mind about argan altogether. This regular version is probably most suited for those with dry to combination skin and the light version (also pure argan but in a smaller molecular structure) will be better for oilier skin. I’m already looking forward to purchasing the full sized bottle once this runs out and I think it will be a great add on moisturizer to your all over beauty routine.


Review: BITE | High Pigment Lip Pencil

Never one to shy away from a bright lip, my motto for lip colour has always been… bigger, brighter, better. For the past few years I’ve been sneakily stalking BITE lipsticks which are sold exclusively in Sephora. Based out of Toronto Canada, their brand concept of healthy natural lip products that pack a punch of colour had them high on my Lust List.

Brand: Bite Beauty
Product: High Pigment Lip Pencil Set
Colours: 21 Shades
Size: 0.09OZ (full size) / 0.05OZ (mini)
Price: $30 CAD/set , $28 CAD (full size)
Details: Food grade colour pigments, no parabens / sulfates / phthalates
Availability: Sephora, BITE Flagship Stores
Would I repurchase: YES!
Website: www.bitebeauty.com

Sephora’s value beauty sets are a beauty blogger’s dream. I spotted these mini lip set for a great price, full of delicious holiday shades all tucked into a festive red mirrored tin. These are the BITE Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencils and is not to be confused with their other Matte Lip Crayon.

Each mini pencil is an exact packaging of the full size, featuring a rubberized body, twist up dispensing system and a capped end to show exactly what colour you are putting on your lips. I don’t believe they are purposely fragranced but there is a faint waxy scent reminiscent of traditional lipsticks though the smell neither bothers me nor lingers.

Now if there’s one thing I’d like to scream from the top of my lungs on a high building, it’s that “THESE ARE SOME SERIOUS PIGMENTS”. 
In fact, in my current experience dabbling in natural beauty products/makeup, it’s rare to find something with such incredibly rich saturation and smoothness in a lip product. The formulation is very creamy which makes it easy to apply yet does not sink into lip lines. A single swipe will get you from drab to absolutely gorgeous full on colour. While these are described as a modern matte, they apply like a cream and sit like a cream to satin finish on your lips with a supple soft shine.

These are formulated with the brand’s signature Resvertrol ingredient derived from grapes which is said to provide anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects but frankly as far as lipsticks go, you’re not likely to get full benefits from it unless you are wearing this all day everyday.

With 21 shades in the collection, there are a few light pinks and neutrals to choose from but I think it’s these bright colours that makes them really worthwhile. In fact, I’m pleasantly pleased that there 3 of the 4 shades in this set are brights. Winterberry, being my favourite, is especially beautiful on pale skin with a bit of blush and simple eye makeup in the snowy weather. 
These High Pigment Pencils wear an average amount of time, around 3 hours, before I noticed fading however due to their creamy nature they have a tendency to rub off onto cups (and faces, should you be stuck under the mistletoe). Despite this, I found they faded very evenly without leaving any odd patches and the brighter shades left a soft stain that lasted for quite some time after the top layer wore off.
Things to note: You’d benefit from wearing a lip liner with these as they are a bit hard to control around the lip line. There’s no significant feathering but the creaminess means the colour will tend to travel easily.


If you’ve been on the fence about these BITE Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencils… read my lips: You. Need. Them. I am thoroughly impressed by the rich range of shade options, the serious saturation and the creamy formulation that feels great on the lips. Hard to believe it but these are also naturally based and made with food grade ingredients which is an extra bonus in my books. At the price right now for this quadruple mini, pick up one set for a friend this holiday and an extra one (or two) for yourself. I will definitely be going back for a full size once I polish off these.


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INGREDIENTS: Organic Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil**, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil**, Organic Cera Alba (Beeswax)**, Silica*, Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil**, Organic Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter**, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax*, Organic Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax**, Tocopherol*, Natural Flavor*, Trans-Resveratrol*, Vitis Vinefera (Grapeseed) Oil*, Siraitia Grosvenori (Monk Fruit)*. May Contain: Mica (Ci 77019)*, Titanium Dioxide (Ci 77891)*, Iron Oxides (Ci 77491, Ci 77492, Ci 77499)*, Carmine (Ci 75470)*, Fd&C Blue No. 1 (Ci 42090), Fd&C Yellow No. 5 (Ci 19140), Fd&C Yellow No. 6 (Ci 15985), Fd&C Red No. 40 (Ci 16035), D&C Red 6 (Ci 15850), D&C Red 7 (Ci 15850), Manganese Violet (Ci 77742)*. *Natural. **Certified organic. 

iHerb | Favs & Haul & Giveaway!

For all you health conscious beauty gals out there, I’m sure you’ve been following me on my exploration through the jungle of natural beauty products and one of my favourite places to go has been iHerb. To say I shop there a lot is a bit of an understatement… if you see my wishlist, it is just bursting! They have an abundant selection, regular updates on their stock plus…once in a while I’ll even grab a few snack foods too. In celebration of discovering new natural products, I’m sharing some of my ultimate iHerb favourite purchases throughout the years, a few new items that just came in the mail plus a double giveaway so you can do a little shopping of your own!


Rules & Details

  • Giveaway open Internationally to all the countries iHerb ships to, that’s more than 150 countries but if you want to confirm, check their website.
  • Giveaway ends Monday, October 20th 2014
  • There are two online gift cards to be won, each worth $50
  • Shipping will be taken care of for both US and non-US winners. The following only applies if you are a winner out of the US: you are responsible for any additional taxes/duties/brokerage fees levied you country’s Customs Agency and/or Postal Service should there be any.

Please follow the steps to enter in the Rafflecoopter widget below, only entries logged in the widget will be counted. 

Eager to see what they’re up to at iHerb? You can follow them via their social media outlets.
Facebook | Twitter | Website

Winners will be contact by me using your Rafflecopter entry email so make sure it’s current. I will also announce the winner via my Facebook and Twitter. Good luck



* This post contains an iHerb rewards code that I was given upon my introduction as a first time customer. When used by other first time customers, I gain rewards points which can be redeemed towards my own next purchase for a limited time. This “cash back” reward comes from iHerb’s own marketing budget, not from your order. The products shown in this video are a combination of products I have purchased myself as well as some purchased with a giftcard provided by iHerb. This does not distort my opinion in any way and I have long enjoyed shopping at iHerb prior to this post.

Review: FAKE OUT! Organic Wear Mascara | Physicians Formula

You may know me as a high maintenance lash girl and for the most part you’d be right. But for the casual trip to the grocery store, I don’t need the full arsenal and thus came this mascara. The full flashing fuchsia and lime green packaging may be a little jarring but it worked and caught my attention when I was browsing through the list for a washable, easy on the eyes lash enhancing mascara. Even better? The 100% natural origin label sold me right then and there.

Brand: Physicians Formula
Product: Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara
Variation: Regular, Fake Out (both washable)
Colour: Black
Size: 7.5grams
Price: $10USD
Details: 100% natural origin ingredients, 70% organic, extension fibers, no parabens, no harsh chemicals, no synthetic dyes
Availability: Drugstores nationwide
Would I repurchase: No
Website: www.physiciansformula.com

The Organic Wear Fake Out mascara comes in one bright bold chrome finished tube with a stylish curved design, the cap embossed with a leaf design to reflect its natural origins. The tube itself is flat but the kitschy design does make this larger than most mascaras and thus a little hard to fit into a small makeup bag.

The wand is very large, with a football curved shape and composes of a thick inner wand with varying lengths of rubber bristles. In physique it seems to be a close cousin of the Covergirl Lash Blast which, due to its large size, ended up as the deciding factor in the love/hate relationship.

From the ingredients list, this looks to be a very wax heavy product which results in a thicker, almost creamy feeling mascara that coats the lashes easily. The rubber bristles did a great job at gently detangling my lashes while I piled on the coats however it certainly wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked.

Frankly, I’ve seen some nice looking fake outs from this mascara (here and here) but it seems to fall short on my lashes. As this is a washable mascara (and only waterproof products can hold my curl), I am not rating this on the curl factor but even looking at volume and length alone, this turned out to be a rather average product. And the lash extending fibers? Not a single one in sight as far as I could see.

Wear time was a mediocre 2-3hours before I noticed significant smudging that required a little clean up and slight flaking followed suit towards mid-day which again required touch ups.

On the brighter side, I did find this Fake Out mascara to leave my lashes soft and comfortable all day and even with the copious layering that I am known to do, the finish remained touchable and natural.


Thoroughly not impressed by the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara and its effect on my lashes. Sure I may not have the easiest lashes to work with but this couldn’t even hold out on the none smudging, none flaking claims. Ideally this would be better suited for those who already have naturally curled medium density lashes who are just looking to darken and thicken with a bit of mascara. I love the idea of a natural mascara especially since it’s something I wear often but thus far, none have hit the mark. Let’s move on.


INGREDIENTS: Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Water (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Glycerin (Organic) (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Glyceryl Stearate SE, Beeswax (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Tapioca Starch (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Hydrolyzed Corn Starch, Stearic Acid, Jojoba Esters, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Ceiba Pentandra Fiber Powder, Nylon (10/10), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract (Ingredients from Organic Farming), Glycerin, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Water, Glyceryl Caprylate, Leuconostoc Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Iron Oxides (May Contain), Titanium Dioxide