Unboxing: Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet

So much excitement in such a simple box.
If you’ve been reading my earlier post on the importance of penmanship it may come as a bit of a surprise that I put a graphics tablet on my holiday wishlist. Low and behold it came wrapped up in golden paper on Christmas morning. In the past few years my artistic life has been consumed by photography. The ease of use, the portability and the fact that it gives more reward to artistic vision rather than technical dexterity made it seem really inviting after years of practicing my lines on pen and paper. 
Of all things, Instagram was actually the main push that got me back into wanting to pick up a pen again. I follow a number of artists and illustrators whose work reminded me of the whimsy of drawing. For one, that it doesn’t have to be like art school and two, you can do in whatever style you fancy. Fueled with a renewed enthusiasm, I did a little online digging and found that a drawing tablet could be exactly what I wanted.
WACOM | www.wacom.com
Bestbuy | Amazon |
Book: Obsessive Consumption | Amazon

Having previous seen older versions of the Wacom tablet, I’m surprised (and ecstatic) to find the new Intuos edition to be simple and sleek. By the looks of it, it should be easy to plug and go!




For those who are now intrigued, it’s probably useful to note that Wacom has many lines of graphics tablets for different levels of usage. The Intuos CTL480 is the very basic of the basic model but the Intuos range also includes a Pen & Touch version, a medium option and a large sized tablet for substantially bigger drawing space. For the serious graphics and digital art lover, the Cintiq range offers an on screen display of what you are drawing on your tablet as well as further customization like interchangeable pen nibs.
Although I’m probably a little rusty (okay, maybe more than a little), I’m excited to see where this takes my creative side. Perhaps it may even come in handy when I’m editing batches upon batches of products photos in Lightroom. Let me know if you’d like to see an update on the Intuos in a few months time or if you’d be interested in more of my artistic musings. Own a graphics tablet yourself? Share your wisdom and what you use if for! 


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Clarisonic MIA | 4 years later, a love affair

In all my adventures as a beauty blogger there are only a handful of items that I can  say have truly changed my world. And there’s been one item in particular that doesn’t get enough screen time so today I’m dedicating this entire post to my beloved Clarisonic MIA.

Clarisonic MIA_01
Clarisonic MIA_02
Brand: Clarisonic
Product: MIA (the travel Clarisonic cleansing tool)
Range: Original Clarisonic, Clarisonic MIA, Clarisonic MIA 2, Clarisonic Plus
Price: Ranges from $140 – 225 CAD (via Sephora.ca)
Availability: Sephora, Clarisonic website, select online retailers.
Would I repurchase: Absolutely yes!

My Clarisonic MIA is the longest standing beauty item I’ve used in my skincare, ever since I brought it home more than 3 years ago, it has never left my side. While it sounds deceivingly simple,  (after all it’s just a brush for your face right?) there’s a lot more to this beauty gadget. I purchased this during the height of the hype, quite frankly I had no idea what to expect from this and had absolutely no idea it would change my beauty routine the way it has.


Unlike the full sized Clarisonic, the MIA version has a little charger “cap” which magnetically locks onto the end of the brush and starts working as soon as it’s powered up. For me, it’s much more convenient as I don’t have to find a permanent space for a dock. After probably hundreds of charges, the battery is still going strong as ever to my great surprise and delight, somehow I fully expected the recharge power to go down significantly after all these years but Clarisonic took care to make sure that your experience is not a fleeting love affair.

Clarisonic MIA_05
I love the way that the MIA fits into my hand, it’s absolutely and perfectly comfortable to hold even with it’s sleek modern design. Quite a beautiful little thing it is.
Clarisonic MIA_04
While the box will tell you to replace your brush head every 3-4 months, I am terribly naughty and have been known to use mine for 6-8 months before changing to a new one. Just wash it well, let it dry out and store it in a clean place and you can get much more use out of each attachment. Switch it up when you feel that the bristles are no longer firm or feel quite “right” on your skin.

Clarisonic MIA_03

I think that there is this over hype in the beauty community that the Clarisonic is the end all and be all of your beauty routine. It is not. And there is also the further misconception that it’s a overnight miracle worker, which it is also not. You have to use it consistently and patiently, the results will show itself in months not days and even then it’s not something that will work equally on every single person. But now as I look to my own skincare regime I do have my Clarsonic to thank for making everything smoother, tighter, brighter and happier.

What do you all think?
Any Clarisonic Lovers out there?

Review: Personal Microdermabrasion (PMD) at home!

Special feature
Getting good skin is a complicated process, unless you’ve been blessed with natural clear unproblematic skin you’ve likely dealt with a rainbow of skin issues through out your life. When we were younger it’s usually acne and oily skin, once that subsided in comes the large pores and acne scarring and just as you thought your skin has settled down, you notice those first few tell tale signs of aging. It seems like an everlasting on going process.

One of the key things to a good skincare system is exfoliation, it helps to rid the skin of dead skin cells on the surface layer, speeding up the renewal process and thus keeping skin at it freshest all the time. I’m no stranger to exfoliators, having used my fair share of scrubs and peels but recently I’ve discovered a new love and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Let me introduce to you the PMD, also known as the personal microdermabrasion system! It is one amazing little gadget and has absolutely rocked my world in for the past month that I’ve been using it.


Before I get too ahead of myself, I should probably explain this fancy term “micro-dermabrasion”. It’s an intensive exfoliation treatment for the skin, buffing off the surface layer of dead skin (traditionally) using aluminum oxide crystals. It’s finer than the grains found in your average facial scrub, it works more evenly, thoroughly and much more effectively. However, micro dermabrasion used to come with big price tags and an appointment with a salon or aesthetician. Now PMD has made the process simple, convenient and much more economically priced.
And to stress my point on how simple this tool is, here’s the only three things that you’ll need to get going. The PMD tool itself, a handful of buffing discs in various intensities and your power cord. There aren’t any fancy bits and pieces to attach and no settings to learn, simply choose your disc, plug it in, turn it on and you’re ready to start.


My Video Review

Eager to test this out, I took some photographs of my first PMD treatment. I struggled a little with knowing which direction to go and getting the right suction on my skin but after a few minutes it was smooth sailing.
PMD First treatment-01
PMD First treatment-02

From my first treatment, I noticed quite a bit of overall brightening of my skin. My skin felt very smooth and although the small bumps on my forehead were still visible immediately after my treatment, they became much more reduced after my second treatment.


I’ve since used the PMD treatment four times already and the results just keeps getting better. I’ve noticed my skin texture becoming my refined, my foundations sitting on my skin smoother and moreover my products penetrating easier into my skin. The most exciting things for me personally was the improvement in the darker areas of my forehead and also the fact I can use this on my body as well to help treat scars and rough patches. I shall never have scaly elbows or knees again! I can see it having great potential for anyone who is battling skin issues, from those with younger spot prone skin to those trying to diminish pesky fine lines and sun spots.
Things to note: Beware of using too many exfoliating products all at once, you may over sensitize your skin. During the two days after my PMD treatment I stopped using my Clarisonic and also switched to a very basic and gentle facial moisturizer (Kiss My Face: Vitamin A&E Ultra moisturizer. See review here.) Do not use this over any open sores or broken skin and as always load up on your daily SPF.

Like I said in the video, your skin is going to be the first thing that you put out there everyday, against the elements in wind, rain or sun. It’s also one of the first things that people will notice about you (whether you like it or not) and I believe having clear healthy skin is the ultimate confidence booster. So do a little something special for your skin and keep it looking it’s best.

You can find the PMD on their website.

Read more about the product and watch their how-to guide for a user tutorial. I found the video to be extremely helpful and much more fun to than reading the paper manual

Ready to make a purchase?
Use coupon “PBunnieP” for 25% OFF your PMD purchase! How amazing is that!

You can bet I’ll be reordering my exfoliating discs once I run out and I love that replacements are very affordable as well (here’s looking at you Clarisonic). I hope you enjoyed my review and have a wonderful skin day!

 *The PMD was provided by PR for testing and review consideration. I will be compensated for my time and work. This does not distort my review in any way. All opinions and thoughts are my own and are based on honest personal experience.*

Review: Ora-Brush…the real deal?

Special Feature

“…and now for something for something completely different…”

-Monty Python

Today I bring you the Ora-brush, yes ladies and gents this is the little tool that could, the seemly obscure yet wonderfully curious personal care object that has taken the inter-web by storm. This is probably the right time to insert that awfully silly bad breath commercial but I’ll spare you the pain and just jump right into my review (though do feel free to watch it here).

In my adventures as a beauty and style blogger, it’s only right that once in a while I try out something seemingly strange and completely out of the ordinary…hey, it’s a responsibility that comes with the title of blogger. Ora-brush is essentially a tongue cleaner meant to be used as an add on to your daily oral routine. The purpose? To remove food and bacteria buildup on your tongue a place that you may not think about very often and which can lead to the dreaded….bad breath.

Sleek, colourful and ergonomical in design, the little details in the Ora-brush stands out as being a well thought out product. It might not look like much but by itself but once I put it to the test, it was immediate how much more effective the Ora-brush functioned in comparison to….my other tongue cleaner.

Yes, I thought I’d pull out my Braun electric toothbrush tongue cleaner attachment for a little one on one action with the Ora-brush. Both were designed for the same purpose but who did the job better?
Watch my review video to find out more!

A little close up view of the Ora-brush, it’s specs and measurements. Details like the widely spaced bristles and the long tips makes it better fit to the “geography” of the tongue given its uneven surface and the larger brush head means that it can cover more area in one sweep.

If you are wondering why your fresh mouth feeling disappears by morning when you go to bed, a tongue cleaner like the Ora-brush might be just what you need in your life. Want to do a little testing of your own? Get your own free Ora-brush!

(just pay for s&h)
I think it’s about time I just retired my silly Braun attachment for good. Love my Braun toothbrush to bits and pieces but I think there’s no denying that the Ora-brush is a better functioning product when it comes to a tongue cleaner. You can find the Ora-brush in London Drugs (Canada only), Walmart, CVS or on their website (www.orabrush.com).
Share you thoughts with me!

 *The Orabrush was provided by PR for testing and review consideration. I will be compensated for my time and work. This does not distort my review in any way. All opinions and thoughts are my own and are based on honest personal experience.*

Review/Giveaway: Travalo Perfume Atomizer!

Special Feature
It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a beauty accessory but when a new innovation emerges on a much needed gadget, people take notice and Travalo has taken off in a big way. Leave those bulky bottles of perfume on your vanity and even say good bye to those roller balls because when it comes to traveling with your perfume…the smaller the better.

Even my handful of roller balls aren’t a match for this sleek and chic atomizer and these little bullet shaped sprays are the new most loved item in my purse (only next to my Carmex of course).

Want to know why the Travalo is so easy to love? 
Click on the video below to find out!

Cool isn’t it? I’ve been wondering why nobody has come up with something like this before, traditional funnel atomizers now look archaic next to this new version. There are no removable/open parts to the Travalo which means no chances of spillage and even better there are no glass components which means it is shatter-proof as well.


Remember that the Travalo comes in a rainbow array of colours to suit your mood (and your purse) and it also conveniently comes in two sizes. The orange and silver versions were sent by PR and are the “Travalo Excel”, the pink version was purchased by me and is the original size. I am hoping that they will release a “bling” version or perhaps this calls for a little DIY….


Want to win your very own Travalo?


  • “Like” the Travalo Facebook page (below)
  • www.facebook.com/travalo
  • Comment on the Travalo FB page saying “PBunnieP sent me here”.
  • 10 entries will be randomly chosen by me!

Doesn’t get any easier than that!

You can also find out more from Travalo’s official Website.

I have now started carrying two different scents in my purse, in case I can’t make up my mind which one I want. You can also carry one for day/office wear and one for night time if you don’t have time to run home. I do think Travalos will make great mini-gifts for your girl friends and guy friends as well (the black, blue or silver options would look great). I’ve seen them being sold in Shoppers Drug Mart (for ya’ll Canadians), in the USA you should be able to find them in CVS or Walgreens.


Do you already own a Travalo? Which colour is your favourite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


*The products shown in this review (silver and orange Travalo) were provided by PR for testing and review consideration. I will be compensated for my time and work. This does not distort my review in any way. All opinions and thoughts are my own and are based on honest personal experience.*

HAUL: Scented nails & Purple Shampoo & Daiso bits


Scented. Nail. Polish.

Maybe I’m just a little late on the bandwagon, I did notice that Revlon came out with a range of scented polishes this Spring (?) but of course I thought it was totally gimmcky. *Pfffftttt….walks away*

But as I was browsing my local drugstore today the clearance bin had a bottle of this lovely peach/pink polish and of course I can really never have too many of that colour. At 2.99CAD it went right into the basket, not to mention I as interested to try Revlon polish for the first time.

To date, though I am not a huge nail polish junkie, my favourite brand would be OPI. BUT I must confess that this scented polish deal really blew my mind. According to the package, its supposed to be scented after it dries. When you are putting it on, it reeks of that awefull normal polish smell…in fact I didn’t think about it at all after I put it on. But as I was doing my work I caught a whiff of a sweet candy smell.

Suddenly I realized it was the NAIL POLISH! HOLLY MUFFINS!
There was absolutely no residual nail polish chemical scent but only a soft candy scent. Not quite Peach Smoothie but good enough for me!
The colour is sprinkled with fine golden shimmer that looks like a pale slightly warm peach/flesh tone and is just fabulous. Not to mention SUPER FAST drying time. BINGO 🙂

At this point I must show you this adorable item I found at DAISO. I would go every couple of months when I have accumulated enough stuff on my “need to buy at Daiso list”. (Of course I end up not buying alot of the things on the list and buying alot of things NOT on the list….but thats a different story on its own.)

I had saw these cute items when I had been watching Kawaii TV, an episode on Sweets. Too cute for words ^-^


As a comb it is really just average but I just love how people think you are a nut when you pull out what looks like a piece of chocolate. hahahha!

On another note, at Daiso I was also lucky enough to come across an egg roll pan. From the cook books I’ve read, the sweet rolled egg has to be made in a rectangular pan so you can roll it and it will come out in a rectangular block.
They had a mini-pan so I thought I’d test out my egg rolling skills 😀

*Will report back on this issue later. Haven’t had time to test it out yet*

Ahhhh by now you must be eager to find out about this PURPLE SHAMPOO BUSINESS. The simple answer is really only 2 words.

John Frieda (Colour Renew Shampoo and Conditioner for blonde hair)

Well that wasn’t quite 2 words.

John Frieda-Colour Renew

I had been eyeing this line since the day it came out. While I dont have blonde hair, I do have coloured/bleached hair which tends to get brassy/orangey. The idea is that purple colour will cancel out this orange tone and make your hair well…more blonde. This duo is definitely serious about their claim…I mean check out that PURPLE shade in the shampoo?!?! While you can sometimes purchase colour correcting/enhancing shades from salon brands, it is rare to find a drugstore option. Hopefully it will do its magic!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m planning to renovate my hair again. I’m planning to start the bleaching perhaps tomorrow…cut on Sunday and overall colour next week. I will fill you guys in with more “Hair Diary” posts! Maybe even a demo ^-^

Have a good sleep ~