The blogging world can be complicated, I’d like to share with you how I run this space for both reviews on my blog and my Youtube videos.

On Products Reviews

  • My dedication to this site is always to provide the most accurate information and personal experience to help you make a more informed purchasing decision. A product is unlikely to have a 100% positive rating but it should have enough merits to be worthwhile being shown to you. It is my personal goal that these reviews always remain honest and accurate based on product performance and my experiences because that is what I would look for as a consumer. Because at the end of the day I am a consumer, just like you.
  • Products which are press samples or that was received at an event will be stated as so and marked by an (*) sign. If reviewed, they will be rated on aspects that are good along with aspects that may be problematic, if any stand out. I am never under any obligation to review press products.

    • At times I will accept paid sponsorships that I feel will offer some benefit to you as readers and which fit in with the direction of my blog. This may include but is not limited to participation in a promotional project, branded posts and other advertising content. However this does not degrade the quality of my posts and I hold them to the same standard as the rest of what I do. My opinions will always be mine alone and can not be paid for in exchange. All paid sponsorships will be labeled as “special feature” for clarity. Feel free to contact me for further details on my services and rates.

     On Links and Ads

    • Certain posts on this site may contain affiliate links which provide rewards (either monetary or credits) when others use them, these will be stated as so. There is never any obligation but when you do shop from affiliate links you help to sponsor me a latte and cookie while I write and I thank you sincerely. 
    • This site also contains ads provided by Google Adsense as well as ad space purchased by others (on the side column). I will try my best to keep them from obscuring main site content but please note these are here to help contribute to the continuation of this blog.

         On my photos

        • Editing of products and product swatches will be kept to a minimum, these do include things like cropping or resizing and white balance correction. In some circumstances, I will adjust exposure/tone if I feel it will better reflect the true colour of the product. I want you to see the product clearly, not a distorted view of it .
        •  I reserve the right to edit certain final/finished photos in Demos or Tutorials for aesthetic purposes. Personal blog photos will be left to my discretion.

          On the site and content use

          • Many hours of hard work goes into my posts and photographs. I welcome you to save them for your personal use and reference. If you share something from my site with family and friends, please credit back to my site. Alterations or derivatives of my content in part or whole are prohibited without prior consent. If you’d like to use anything for commercial purposes, please contact me for licensing agreements.

            Thank you for reading.
            Have a great day!

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