Sewing in small spaces

Makers gonna make… even in under 450sq feet.

When I first began making this little box into a home, one of my top priorities was finding the flexibility to continue sewing. Blessed with a large kitchen also meant there was little left for all the other living I wanted to do. In my pre-moving research about small spaces, tiny homes and the like, it seemed that many people didn’t have hobbies that required hosting physical objects. But as all makers know, we need stuff to make stuff.

In time I decided on 3 pieces of furniture which acts as the foundation of my flexible craft space which can be setup or hidden in a matter of minutes.

IKEA | NORDEN Gateleg Table
With options in solid birch or laminate, this table is the ultimate transforming furniture with the most compact to expansion ratio for the buck. The double sided drop leaf design allows me to open one side for small projects or open up to 1.5m in length to cut fabric and even set up both my machines on each end. Pull drawer in the center hold crafting supplies and tall spools of serger thread. I’ve seen versions modded with caster wheels for mobility but I haven’t managed that just yet. Keep an eye out on resale sites and you can snag this for half the price.

IKEA | KALLAX Shelving
Boxes, bins and a 4×4 Kallax shelving unit acts as the main/only storage system in my living space. I chose to have open compartments for easy access but Ikea offers a variety of inserts to create smaller compartments, drawers and closed cabinets. Everything from thread, to ribbon, unfinished projects and all my drafting supplies live in my Kallax. I currently put my serger inside the lowest cubby and I believe most consumer sized sewing machines will fit just as snugly.

| Too dark to photograph in my closet so here’s a gorgeous Amazon promo pic. |

AMAZON | Basics 3 Tier Shelf
Trust me when I say I’ve never seen a smaller enclosed space veiled as a closet until I moved in. On the bright side, there are 2 which means I was able to dedicate an entire closed door storage for fabric and sewing patterns. The snag was finding an easy vertical solution without building in more shelves and it must be narrow… really narrow, like less than 16″ narrow in order to fit inside. Luckily Amazon’s steel tiered shelving fits side ways even with a little extra room to spare. I assembled mine without the wheels, wiggled it into my closet and now it’s a cozy home for all my fabrics. As a personal rule, if it doesn’t fit on the shelf then something’s gotta go!

With almost 2 years of sewing in my small space, I might even admit that I’m becoming quite fond of it. Sure the mess builds up quickly in the whirlwind of an intense project but the small surface area also forces me to clean up after every single session. When the summer sun shines just right through the windows and an iced tea in hand there’s really no better place to be.

Chat soon,


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