CK | Eternity Aqua Perfum


Synonymous with approachable, fresh, modern classics Calvin Klein brands itself with a minimalist aesthetic way before the word went mainstream. The Eternity range of men and womens’ scents has a long history dating back to the 80s and there’s been an astounding selection of variations since then. Eternity Aqua for women debuted in 2012 and is marketed as an aquatic choice with hints of white florals. Although this isn’t one that is heavily promoted (or stocked in at many counters for that matter), I felt a ______ connection with it on first whiff and have chosen this as my main fragrance of the year.

SHOP CK | Sephora | Ulta | Shoppers Drug Mart (50ml @ $85CAD)

What Calvin Klein says….

Refreshing. Sensual. Pure. Eternity Aqua bursts open with juicy apple, apricot pulp, and rejuvenating cucumber water. The heart keeps the tradition of ETERNITY with a contemporary white floral bouquet, and dries down to a warm sensuality with sun-drenched woods and transparent musk.

Eternity Aqua, true to its name sake is a calming easy to wear aquatic fragrance that doesn’t manages to avoid the slippery slope of smelling like cleaning supplies (hint, no lemons around these parts). Most prominent upon first encounter is a cooling cucumber note with a subtle mix of apricot, a very faint hint of peony and a lingering of musk. The apple and woods have unfortunately evaded my senses.

On one hand it’s a sand in your bikini, carefree, salty ocean worthy fragrance fit for a day sailing at sea yet it can just as easily fit into a crisp linen blazer over a slinky dress for dinner out on the patio. I would even recommend it as a unisex option; versatile, modern, minimalistic and certainly very Calvin Klein.

This wears closely on the skin, with faint projection and is something I loose scent of within a hour or two though not necessarily meaning it’s lost to others. In this case, it means that it’ll be fairly office friendly, non-occasion specific and generally quite likeable which leads me to it’s main snag… there is nothing dramatically remarkable or unique about Eternity Moment.

So you may wonder, after all this, why I’ve chosen this as my fragrance of the year in all its vanilla mediocrity? The answer is that it checks all the boxes of my quest for a refreshing, reminds me of an ocean walk, non-fussy, wear it anytime anywhere choice that is simply…well… simple. Whether I am spending the day at home, out to the park, cozying up under a blanket or running errands about town, I can put this on without fussing over whether things go together and it just always seems complimentary.

After spending time sampling many popular, newer choices it was a surprise that what felt right is something that was close and familiar – I was once madly in love with Eternity Moment and it was seeing the shape of the identical bottle on the store shelf which drew me to pick it up.

CK’s Eternity Aqua is worth a whiff if you’re a fan of scents like Sailing Day (Maison Margiela), Acqua di Gioia (Giorgio Armani), Rain or Fresh Laundry (Clean Fragrances) – you know exactly who you are!

Chat soon,


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