Stop. Breathe. Try again.


THE HAIR | Yes, it’s short(er) now. No it doesn’t look like this anymore ’cause I just got highlights. Yes there is a Get Ready with Me video styling this hair (for the 1st time).

I don’t think there is ever an easy way to write a blog post after a 3 month break so maybe this place of awkwardness is where I ought to start. After managing to squeeze out a last blog post at the end of August all that followed was… radio silence. September always meant going back to work (#teacherlife) but I figured I’d let things settle in and come right back to business. Nope, not even close. Work was draining me on all fronts, I found my life at a point of misalignment and worst of all I lost my desire and purpose in writing (more on that here).

In the last few weeks as everyone’s yearly reflections flooded my feed it was almost a relief to hear that 2019 has somehow been a dark fog for many people. Yet in those confessions there is always a tinge of promise for the new year. It reminded me that we must move on because stagnation never leads to happiness.

So let’s stop, breathe and try again.


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