Sportswear on the table

This summer I took the initiative to make my rent worthwhile and started a workout routine and before you let your imagination get too creative, this consisted of mainly the rowing machine, station bike and some weights. As an attempt to divert my attention away from how awfully sweaty I felt peddling like a hamster on a wheel, my mind wandered to the idea of sewing sportswear.

Why, athlesiure sportswear is practically a stamp of approval for living in Vancouver! In a city where 3/4 of the year involves rain, why shouldn’t I aim to be comfortable and chic in say a pair urban chic joggers?


It turns out that I had been slowly edging my way to the realm of sportswear without even knowing it and I think it all started with falling in love with a trench coat pattern and shopping around for some outerwear fabrics. A few trips later, some lycra rib and stretch mesh were purchased to be turned into a bodycon midi-dress. The more I wandered the aisle of technical offerings, I fell in love with the rainbow of nylon, lycra, spandex, mesh and dare I say it… even some polyester. And the truth is, there are loads of this stuff always on the clearance shelf ranging from $3 – 5 / meter so unless you are looking for some particular proprietary manufacturing or technology from a branded garment… sportswear can be surprisingly affordable to sew!


Here’s a look at whats in my upcoming plans

  • Sueded Trench | Simplicity 0899 (sized for petites) to be made from an olive sueded outer wear fabric in style A or B
  • Cuffed Joggers | Butterick 3163 (sized for petites) elastic waist pants in style D to be edited into cuffed hem leggings
  • Open back workout top | McCalls 7663 made from a teal poly micro mesh
  • 80s Vibe Sweatshirt | McCalls 7869 in style D with teal loop back sweat shirting and coral edge piping

A few patterns not currently on my list but would be pretty cool too

  • Simplicity 8424 , McCalls 7636, McCalls 7986, NewLook 6644


With all that said and planned, I’m still in the pattern tracing stages of most of these projects but I expect most of them to come together quickly with the help of my serger (maybe not the trench..the trench will be a monster). It’s also promising that most of these items will transition well into the fall and winter months not only as outerwear but also as luxe housewear and who knows…maybe a lounge bra in mesh lycra may be in my future but don’t hold your breath.

Happy Sewing,


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