Narciso Rodriguez | L’Absolu Perfume


Narciso Rodriguez L'Absolu

As a personal tradition over the past occasions, I’ve started the year by choosing a new fragrance to celebrate and cement the upcoming twelve months. It’s a bit of a fussy process but one that I thoroughly enjoy as I want the scent to embody my goals and outlook for the upcoming year. For 2018, I finally settled on L’Absolu by Narciso Rodriguez and I am thrilled about it.

The fragrance is marketed as a floriental with notes of musk, tuberose, jasmine, amberlyn, sandalwood and patchouli. It’s available in an eau de parfum and is made in France. Though it’s been out for a few years now, it seems to be the less talked about of the Narciso trio however it’s no less lovely than all the others and I’d argue that it deserves its own applause. It you love the YSL Black Opium, you may want to investigate this.

SHOP NARCISO RODRIGUEZ | Sephora | Shoppers Drug Mart (50ml @ $112 CAD)

Narciso Rodriguez L'Absolu
Narciso Rodriguez L'Absolu

In fact, it also reads very similar to my signature scent, Guerlain’s Samsara but in a more modern way (Guerlain is undoubtedly a scent of its decade after all). L’Absolu is sweet, rich and slightly intoxicating but not in a young and brash way. In fact, for many years I’ve admired the Narciso aesthetic but didn’t feel ready to wear the brand. The Narciso woman is one who has a quiet confidence, a strong sense of self and is feminine in an elegant way. While many people love and wear the scent, I find that it pairs best with someone who carries themselves with more maturity. This is exactly the kind of woman I want to grow into in the next few years and so I thought it would be a great introduction to my everyday life. When I put it on every morning, I take a moment to remind myself that I have the inner strength to face all the upcoming challenges of the days, months and years.

Narciso Rodriguez L'Absolu

On it’s own, I do find L’Absolu to be a winter scent hence more suited to wooly coats, sweaters and the winter chill so coming into spring I have also purchase the original N.R. Eau de Toilette to pair with it. The latter is a better daytime and office appropriate choice which wears softer on the skin. I find both to be reasonably long lasting and it’s the kind of fragrance that others smell on you more so than you do on yourself so refrain from using a heavy hand.

Happy Sunday,

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