Chatter: So I spent $81 on hosiery…

 … no, you didn’t read the title wrong. I really did recently spend what seems like a small fortune on sheer, small pieces of fabric that need constantly careful care. Hosiery or the dreaded term pantyhose, was never one of those things I felt any excitement about and in fact I made sure to stay far away from them as possible for as long as possible. But between being fed up with blisters, wanting to wear more bottom options in the chillier Westcoast weather and determined to wear my pumps more often I finally gave in and bought my first base collection of hosiery. Sure I had the odd pair of winter tights but I was really lacking items I can wear on a regular basis and especially for transitional weather.

While I could have gotten them from The Bay or even Walmart, I decided to place my order from Marks & Spencer online which has a well curated selection of neutral basics in a variety of finishes and deniers in very reasonable multi-pack prices. There were two main brands available; the M&S in house brand and the Rosie Huntington Whitely endorsed Autograph line so I ordered from both. A few knee highs for wearing with pants, some sheer nudes for summer dresses and a pack of shine finish tights just for fun. And after spending a solid 30 minutes laundering them on my Sunday afternoon, I’ll admit that I’m just a little excited to test them out in real life. Who knows, I might even end up buying some fancy lingerie soap… #adulting

Chat soon,

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