Take a spa moment…because you need it

The other day I had a bath. A bath? Really? That’s all you came to write about today? Well, there’s a little more to this because you see, baths have always been a luxury growing up. When I was a child growing up in China, bathtubs in homes were a rarity and having a bath was usually reserved for very small children sitting in big bright plastic wash bins. Not only is there a cultural distance but even as I’ve been living in Canada for more than a decade, baths still seemed like such a guilty pleasure because of all the water hogging and that mere fact that well… you’d just have to sit in there the whole time.

But between starting a new job, feeling incredibly nervous and shoveling a ridiculous amounts of snow that shouldn’t be here in Vancouver at all, I felt so worn out on a Saturday afternoon that I finally ran myself a bath. Reaching deep into the back of the beauty cabinet, I threw a few scoops of The Body Shop’s Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath* powder in the steaming water and sank my sore and weary self into the pale blue bath water. Down…way down up to my shoulders. The sweet, soft fragrance of honey with a tinge of flowers was relaxing without being overpowering and filled the room with its lingering aura. Drying off, I followed up with the Japanese Camellia Cream* which has a bouncy souffle texture and contains oils of the white flower prized for its skin caring properties rich in oleic acid. Although light in texture, it only takes a little to spread over the skin and I even took the extra care to cover behind my legs and an extra dollop on my elbows. Forty minutes later, wrapped up in my fluffiest winter robe, I decided this bath was the best decision I made all month because sometimes, you just need a spa moment.

Take care,

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