I made a Japanese wrap dress | #sewwithgerry

It sounds like such a silly trivial thing but I often get super stressed thinking about the prospect of cutting into a beautiful piece of fabric. The inability to do the fabric justice or simply screwing it up always weighs on the back of my mind especially if the piece is vintage…like this little floral number. over the holidays, I finally held my breath and cut into the crisp black cotton which then turned into a little wrap dress and it couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Sewing Floral Wrap Dress//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Pattern: Stylish Party Dresses – Dress H
My Measurements: 34 – 27 – 37 | Size Made: Size 8

Edits: None
Finishes: Seams zig-zagged, hem/sleeve edges pressed and stitched, wrap around facing for neckline, self casing elastic at waist.

I am super pleased at how easy this all came together and while there are many small details to be sewn, the overall process didn’t use any fancy techniques yet produced a very professional finish – something that I often attribute to Japanese styling and design. The dress itself is actually quite roomy especially in the bust and hips but the simple elastic at the waist pulls it together enough to be flattering. To be on the safe side I did round up my measurements to a Size 8 but I speculate that a Size 6 might be just fine as well (the key would be the should width fit). If you don’t plan on wearing this with a slip (which is what I will eventually be doing once I make one), I highly recommend adding a hook and eye closure or a snap at the intersection of the bust wrap.

This is the case of a project in which the colour and pattern can completely change the feel of the finished dress and it’s often something I try to impart when I talk about purchasing vintage patterns that can look dated. A wrap dress like this can be worn on the weekends with ballet flats, your white slip on Vans or to the office with a pair of heels. If made in a thicker ponte de roma or double knit, it can pass as a fall dress or even winter appropriate in a wool so the options are plentiful. I’m so excited to wear this out once the warm start cooperating and there will certainly be more of this design to come.

Happy Sewing,

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