4 Perfumes to start 2017

After the excitement and sparkle of December, January can feel like a bit of a schlump… it’s back to 6am alarms, slaving over homework and even the poinsettia on your desk has seen better days. In the last two years I’ve been starting my month with an inspiring fragrance, something that reflects the theme or mood I want to project in the next 365 days. If scents are a way to remind us of and celebrate milestones, what better way to kick off 2017 than with a fresh new bottle.

  • PHILOSOPHY | Amazing Grace* – Soft, pretty, inviting
  • BURBERRY | My Burberry Black* – Mysterious, sweet, confident (reviewed)
  • COACH | Eau de Parfume* – Preppy, young, carefree
  • MICHAEL BUBLE | By Invitation* – Bold, confident, glamorous

My pick for 2016 was Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfume which was memorable, warm and grounded but I’m lightening things up this time with Amazing Grace which thankfully doesn’t me a headache despite my current spritz happy mood. Not only does it lift my mood like liquid sunshine but it also reminds me to be a little graceful when I get a whiff. So if your fragrance could talk, what would it say about your 2017 plans?
You’ve got this,

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