I made an Astoria Sweater | #sewwithgerry

The best way to feel like you’re walking around in a blanket all day? Sweaters. Now since I do not have the patience for knitting, what better thing to do than zip through a simple sweater using the sewing machine. As most of my snuggly pieces are more of the over-sized (read: roll around the house) variety, I thought it would be nice to have a few little prim and proper ones to wear out. I did quite a score at the fabric store with this thick knit that’s partial wool blend but has a smooth comfortable reverse so it won’t irritate my skin. 

My Measurements: 34 – 27 – 37 | Size Made: Size 3
Edits: Lengthened body piece by 2″
Finishes: Seams zig-zagged, some left as is, double row stitching around hem and sleeves, top / edge-stitching around neckline and shoulders, shoulder ribbon detail

Because of the heft of this fabric, I wanted to go for a simple styling that didn’t require me to sew through too many layers or have any detail work so Seamwork’s Astoria cropped top pattern was a natural fit. The wider neckline and shorter body had a retro vibe that would pair nicely with pencil skirts or maybe also cigarette pants… if ever find a pair short enough for me. The overall silhouette is very generous at the shoulders and bust then tapers down to a tighter circumference at the waist so I do suggest going for the smaller of two sizes if you’re stuck in between measurements.

Details I’m really proud of on this piece are the neat little rows of top stitching and edge stitching. Maybe its my new machine or I’ve just gotten more practice but you’d be surprised how hard it is to sew a straight line even if your machine is tuned to straight… a twitch of your hand and it breaks your groove. While there are a lot of pieces involved with the neckband, sleeves and waistband, the overall construction was very straight forward and I can definitely see another one of these in my future maybe in a sweatshirt knit with a cute applique design on the chest and pom poms around the neckline.

Chat soon,

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