Calling all foodies: My delicious new blog is up!

Happy end of the week to you! I’m popping in today with a quick shout to let you know about my new food blog which launched last month. It’s a venture I’ve been thinking about for a long time now and while I enjoyed posting Foodie Tuesday segments here on this space I always felt like the layout, the format and the atmosphere just wasn’t quite right for me to delve deeply into the subject as I would have liked. Every time I came to typing a post, it felt like I was always holding back to make sure it wasn’t taking over the main theme of my blog which had always been beauty and lifestyle focused. So, I changed things up.

For clarification, all recipes filmed will still be posted to my main Youtube channel since I can’t fathom handling two separate accounts but other food related posts including places I eat at, ingredients I cook with and general food chatter will henceforth live over on Carrots ‘N Chopsticks.

Additionally, layout was another important factor for the blog switch as I wanted a big visually stimulating arrangement to talk about food and I am thoroughly in love with the square puzzle composition that you will see on the main page. I can imagine that a few months down the road this entire wall will be filled with amazing experiences and you can see it all at once, all in one place. 

Of course the hidden change is that this will be my first attempt at WordPress – a platform I’ve long heard about but have been afraid to dig into and I’m excited to see what little tweaks and conveniences it offers. As readers, you will still be able to comment and share posts as usual but there is no follow button for Bloglovin’ or Google Plus (I think it has something to do with the free hosting versus paid hosting) so your best way to keep in touch is via email subscription at the bottom of the blog page. In the meanwhile I will be migrating some old food posts from here to there while attempting to add weekly content so I look forward to seeing you soon!
Stay cozy & dry,

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