Winter Sewing | I made a wooly cardigan

If you haven’t noticed with the recent amount of fashion posts, I’m currently pushing through with my fall and winter sewing plans with great determination but I thought it would be a more satisfying experience to start with something fool-proof. Granted, I’m known for biting off more than I can chew in a project and then end up feeling completely frustrated and defeated before I get to the end and leaving the piece in a pile in the corner. This season however I thought things through a little better and decided on this NewLook 6379 cardigan that I can wear right away and would pair well with everything from jeans to a winter skirt. 

To take update this summery design for the West-coast I decided on a wool blend sweater knit ($6.99/meter) which just so happen to conveniently match my current colour palette. Dressew, my local fabric shop gets random stock now and then so I try to make a stop every time I am downtown because you never know what treasures await in the depths of the aisles. Now while I don’t ever foresee myself taking up knitting, I do love the coziness of sweater knits (hence my ridiculous sweater collection). 
Because this is a very basic design, I decided to use to practice some new skills. Observe my attempt at stabilizing the shoulders with some scavenged grosgrain ribbon which now that I think about it, can easily be used on the outside for the same purpose but adding a sporty look. I’ve also recently been loving top stitching, since my new machine makes it so much easier with its adjustable needle position function. For a thick knit like this, it also suffices as a raw edge finish since it’s not likely to unravel. 
Lastly, I am super proud of my first attempt at bias binding! I’ve seen this technique used frequently by other sewists for a fuss free (read: no facing) quick and polished look on everything from armholes to necklines. Admittedly I was very slow at the pinning and stitching around the entire perimeter of the cardigan but now that it’s finished, I can certainly appreciate the effect. 

What’s next on my agenda? A couple of pencil skirts which I am not quite looking forward to because of the need for zippers but I’ve also been really distracted by the need to have a few fitted sweatshirts in my wardrobe. I’ve just printed out the Seamwork Astoria pattern that needs some taping up. On the other hand I’ve just cut out the pieces for a faux wrap dress from the Stylish Part Dresses book that looks like it will come together easily. So many lovely things and so little time, sometimes I wish I can sew in my sleep.

Chat soon,

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