Makeup Look | Soft Pink Monochrome

Soft Pinks Asian makeup 02
Soft Pinks Asian makeup 03
  • LANEIGE | BB Whitening Cushion*
  • LANEIGE | Shadow Bar* “Humming Coral”
  • ESSENCE | Eyeshadow Single “Shrimp me up”
  • THE SAEM | Artlook Eyebrow*
  • DOLLYWINK | Otona Lashes
  • TOO FACED | La Creme Lipstick “Taffy”
I’m waving goodbye to the last days of summer with this pretty monochrome makeup look. Actually, you’ll rarely ever find me in this much pink altogether but it started out with that Laneige Shadow Bar (totally cool) then one thing led to another and before you know it, I had piled on the pink blush and lipstick too. When I was a teenager, my mother actually really opposed me wearing makeup (partially because it was the 90s and I tried to tell her that a bright copper was a neutral) as she always said makeup should look pretty and natural. Indeed, this floral inspired mix looks natural all the way down to the false lashes; well then, this one is for you Mom.
Chat soon,

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