Style: How to plan a fall wardrobe + video

There’s nothing like a downpour to remind me that fall is back in Vancouver. The last few days have been raining like mad and so what better time than now to dive into the new fashion season. Now if there’s anything to look forward to, it’s that September is an excellent time for magazines as all the big names roll out their thickest, glossiest issues. Like I mentioned, Ferragamo’s Fall/Winter 2016 campaign has been an amazing inspiration and I hope to put out some well made sewing projects in the next few months. 
As for shopping, since I’ve been on a style revamping journey this year, I have been trying to plan my purchases a bit more thoughtfully and really look at what goes together cohesively in my closet. Of course this is hardly a one time experience because I have a lot of missing spots in my collection but I certainly think this is a method worth repeating.
Stay stylish,

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