Review: Guerlain Baby Glow Foundation & Perles de Blush | Spring 2015

LES TENDRES | “Dream of a spring sprinkled with softness. Indulge in a divinely fresh glow….Wrap yourself in discreetly cozy light. Adorn yourself with an angelic complexion. Enhance your skin with an evanescent halo of beauty.” —- Guerlain

Guerlain’s Spring 2015 Makeup Collection is perfectly angelic with it’s soft rosey hue and delicate colour selection. The focus this spring is about creating a youthful radiant complexion enhance by a natural makeup look.

Product: Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Makeup* SPF25/PA++
Shades:  Light, Medium, Dark
Sunblock: Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate
Size: 30ml
Price: $60 CAD
Availability: Guerlain Boutiques and counters nationwide
Would I (re)purchase: Possibly.

Let’s start with what I think is the star of this spring release and that is the new Baby Glow foundation from Guerlain’s adored Meteorites range. Labeled as a light revealing, sheer makeup created to fight the signs of fatigue and everyday stressors that can make skin look dull and lackluster. It promises to restore natural radiance and leave you with an even, plump and radiant complexion. In other words, the magic of Meteorites in a liquid foundation form.

Top : #02 Light / Bottom : #03 Medium

The swatches (above) show the 2 lighter shades of 3 total shades offered. While the shades do range quite a bit between each other, it is of course not enough to cover everyone so do try to compare colour swatches and see if you may be a fit or even better yet, stop by a counter for a personal colour fitting.
On me, shade #02 Light still runs a smidgen dark and is slightly too peachy, something that may or may not translate in photography (my camera doesn’t seem to pick up peach very well) but it is evident to my naked eye in real life. Do other people notice? Probably not. While peach is not my undertone, it could be a strategic choice as it is a colour that generally brightens up the skin.
Packaging is a soft tube with a pump on one end that allows a precise amount of product to be dispensed. Simple and function but very well made.
The product itself is a creamy smooth consistency that looks creamy out of the pump but blends easily and seamlessly with my skin and is very forgiving over fine lines and pores, softening them with a blurring effect.

With a name like “sheer makeup”, I was really expecting a tinted moisturizer type of product and in a way it both is and is not. When swatched on my hand the coverage appears to be sheer to light but on my skin it is more of a light-medium. This almost completely evens out my skin, knocks out redness and gives a soft satin sheen. There’s not a trace of noticeable powdery residue on my skin and it just feels comfortable and is very easy to wear without a fuss. Obvious spots, scarring and under eye circles will need the help of a concealer but I think this type of coverage is probably acceptable by most people for day to day wear.

Makeup look wearing only Baby Glow as base (un-enhanced)

What really impresses me about Baby Glow other than the beautiful finish is the fact it manages to look good without the help of a primer or a powder. It’s a one step product you can put on with your fingers and be done with your skin. Lasting power is a good 5-6 hours on my combination skin in the winter weather. No breakouts or other adverse reactions.
Product: Meteorites Perles de Blush*
Shade: Angelic Radiance (Limited Edition)
Size: $67 CAD
Availability: Guerlain Boutiques and counters nationwide
Would I (re)purchase: No.

To bring a fresh kiss of colour to the face, this spring collection also brings a limited edition Meteorites blush. It contains a trio of pressed pearl spheres with fuchsia to revive the cheeks, petal rose to refresh the skin and iridescent champagne to highlight. Packaged in a vintage themed cardboard box with a thick velor puff.

As with all Meteorite product, the combination of colours in each box may vary slightly but it should more of less impart a similar pinky/coral flush on the cheeks. The product is mean to be used swirled together so the highlight really becomes part of the blush instead of an extra step but it’s neither shimmery or glittery on the skin at all. One curious ingredients I found on the box is actually diamond powder! Talk about glow!

I find this best applied with a looser blush brush that would allow a bit of colour to be picked up from each pearl for a more even application. On my cheeks I get an almost translucent flush that can be built up from a sheer innocent blush to a more lively bright pink.

NOTE: As with most Guerlain makeup products, both the foundation and blush are heavily scented. It lingers and can be a bit overwhelming for those with sensitive noses.

Both the Meteorites Baby Glow Foundation and the Meteorites Perles de Blush from the Guerlain Les Tendre Spring 2015 collection are perfectly fitting to created a youthful complexion. The colours and textures are softly illuminating and would be something that works for both younger skins and more mature skin. With that being said, I think the Baby Glow Foundation has to be the more innovative and satisfying of the two with the way it evens out my skin for a natural looking base. While the latter is beautiful, I just don’t feel the blush is worth the high price tag (even for a luxury brand) as the colour and finish can be easily replicated with other products. Of course, if you are a Meteorites collector (and some people are) then you certainly must have both.


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