Review: Clairol Nice&Easy Haircolour & The time I flew to TO for my hair

What did you all get up to on a Sunday morning?

I spent mine doing some DIY beauty maintenance on my hair, the kind that involves some serious gloves and leaving the window open on a wintery day. Now I do love having coloured hair and have been around much of the (natural) hair rainbow but I’m just not keen on the lengthy colouring process…even after 10 years doing my own hair out of a box I’m still looking for the easiest way to get the job done.

This fall I’ve been sporting a new hair colour which has gotten so much love from everyone that even I was surprised! There was someone asking about my hair almost every other week!

Above is a recent photo of my hair. The top has grown a little “rooty” with my natural colour showing through but the length of my hair is coloured a medium brown shade with some soft highlights and low lights. No extra work here, this is actually a single process hair colour. Let’s talk about it.

Brand: Clairol
Product: Nice & Easy Hair Colour
My Colour: 6A Natural Light Ash Brown*
Entire Colour Range: 40 shades (via Clairols website)
Type: Permanent Haircolour
Price: $9-10CAD
Availability: Drugstores nationwide
Would I repurchase: Probably not (but only because I’m in love with another Clairol product)

Clairol’s Nice&Easy hair colour is made for easy, simple and natural results. Though I previously had the professionals do my hair with this exact product (scroll down for that adventure), I wanted to wait until it was time for me to touch up my hair in order to see its true potential.

The box came with the usual products; hair pigment in the form of a liquid, a developer liquid, gloves, instructions and as a new addition to the Nice&Easy range, the conditioning CC cream for post colour and upkeep. The formula mixed into a gel consistency that started out almost semi-translucent that turned into a darker shade of brown in about 10minutes. Don’t worry, the changing shade of the dye doesn’t do affect the results, your mixture is good to go as soon as it’s shaken up properly.

Root Touch Up Process

Time Chart: 15-20min on roots, 5 minutes worked through shaft of hair.

I started applying my colour first around the perimeter of my hair line as well as to my parting as these are the areas were colour needs to be as prestine as possible. Then, splitting my hair into length wise sections, I applied colour to the rest of my roots leaving the shaft and ends bare. Since I was merely doing a little root touch up, one box of dye was plenty and I even had a little to work through the ends for a 5 minute refresh. However if are completely changing your hair colour, you will need 2 boxes for hair my length.

Note: Chemical hair colour can cause allergic reactions in some people so please take caution and remember to perform the allergy test in order to minimize any surprise allergic reactions.
The results came out very shiny and with the CC cream applied as conditioner, my hair was also silky. However I did notice that with both times using this product, my hair would tangle quite easily so it would be imperative to use some serum or detangling product in order to keep it manageable for the next few weeks. If I were to be very critical (as I suppose I should be after so many years of colouring my hair), one part near my crown came out a little patchy (the colour didn’t take evenly) and there is a bit of “hallowing” around the root (where the area close to my scalp came out lighter than the rest of the colour).

The photo above isn’t my immediate “after” result as the weather has been too awful to get anything decent but my colour came out exactly the same and very consistent. The colour tone was beautiful and the overall results were good. The colour lasted very well post colouring with minimal fade.

Natural blend? Yes!
Nice & Easy? Not quite.

Personally, I still prefer the Clairol Perfect10 hair colour. The dye was a creamier and easier to control, the scent was less harsh (all permanent hair dyes will smell but this one was masked better) and it was quicker and easier to apply for even results. Plus it got the job done quicker. On caveat, the colour doesn’t last as long as the Nice&Easy but I don’t mind.

Now onwards to story time….

Recall the wild weekend I had in Toronto back in November that I posted on social media? 30 hours. Round trip. Toronto to Vancouver.

Well, the story behind it was that I had been kindly invited to attend a Clairol #shiftashade beauty event. The extra cherry on top? I was going to meet celebrity hair stylist Luis Pacheco, who’s going to help me pick out a colour… since I didn’t manage to get snap with Luis, here’s a fun one from his Instagram.

His salon Hair on the Avenue is located in a trendy vintage part of downtown Toronto and is decorated with an eclectic mix of neo-french decor which I simply adore!

Luis chatted to me about my skin one and colouring (I’m apparently cool on the inside but warm on the outside) then chose 6A in the Nice&Easy range to refresh my haircolour for fall. One of the stylists sectioned me up, applied the colour to my roots and then worked some more through the rest of my hair just as I did back at home.
A quick mirror snap before a stylist came to help blow out my hair and put a wave in with a curling wand. He made it look too easy! Back there caught in the mirror is one of the lead makeup artists who came to help do our makeup for the before and after photos. Loved hearing all their stories, especially his of doing makeup on Anna Wintour.
Before: Left | After: Right
Now here’s the results from the salon courtesy of the event photographer and my “after” makeup/hair by the professionals. They used the exact Clairol Nice&Easy hair colour in 6A at the salon. Still seems to be a bit of hallowing around the crown but the colour did come out very natural and shiny. 
Do you use boxed hair colour at home? And does the professional touch make a huge difference?
Let me know in the comments section below!

Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own. For more details on how I blog, visit my blog policy page.

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