Review: Covergirl | Outlast Nail Polish + Swatches

If you’re a frequently visitor of the nail polish aisles then you’re probably pretty familiar with the big shots on the shelves but in the past year Covergirl has been causing a stir with their newly repackaged Outlast line of products. Growing bigger every time I hit the shops, their Stay Brilliant nail polish range has just been growing bigger and bigger with more colours, finishes and limited edition collections.


Brand: Covergirl
Product: Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish*
Size: 11ml
Colours: 45 shades (via Covergirl website)
Price: $5 CAD
Availability: Drugstore
Would I (re)purchase: Yes, probably.

Presented in little square bottles with sleek black caps, Covergirl’s nail polish range comes in an impressive 45 shades ranging from cremes to shimmers and even fun duo chromes to suit your fancy. Each bottle holds 11mls of polish, less than your standard 15mls of OPI but I’ve actually been quite enjoying this trend in smaller bottles of polish as I’m more of a collector type that rarely uses up a single colour.

L-R : Golden Opportunity (metallic)
 Ever Reddy (creme)
Diva After Dark (shimmer)

Speaking of colour, I do find this to be the most attractive aspect about this range. From the three colours I own and the other handful I have swatched, I love the saturation and richness of these polishes. My nail plate swatch (above) shows each colour in one coat and right beside it, a second coat full coat which will pretty much give you near full opacity. The creme colours have especially exceptional coverage without any streaking.

With a traditional thin brush applicator, the formulation is very easy to work with, a great surprise when it comes to drugstore polishes which can often run too sheer or too thick and drying time per coat is about 1-1.5 minutes to the touch. Most colours need 2 coats but a few required 3 to be perfect.

Trying them both with and without a topcoat and base combo, I found these Covergirl polishes to be indeed brilliant in shine but unfortunately lacked in durability. As someone who puts her hands through a tough run on a regular basis I didn’t find these to last any longer than your average drugstore polish without a proper prep and topcoat. This meant an average of 2-3 days before I noticed wear around the tips (a true test from using the keyboard daily) which is not terrible but definitely didn’t live up to my expectations of a long wearing product.

What did impress me however was the glossy finish that stayed even as the polish itself wore down and for a girl who loves her nails shiny like a freshly waxed Camaro, I can actually say that I would feel alright going without a shine enhancing topcoat.

Note: I do recommend that you take the extra minute to use a base coat as I found some of the brighter or darker colours did tend to stain after a few days of wear. When I wore a base coat combo, this didn’t pose a problem at all.

Ever Reddy | A striking shade on pale skin.


If you’re a colour loving type who likes switching up your polish to match you mood or outfit, these Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant polishes will be a great addition to your collection especially if you’ll only be wearing them a day or two. They are so easy to work with and the selection of saturated colours will make you smile. On the other hand, if long lasting durability is what you’re after and you only like to do your nails once a week then these little bottles will fall short of your expectations.

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