Lomography | My First Diana Mini + Video

The wonderful thing about life, I’ve concluded over the past few years is that it reveals different facets to you depending on your lens. Starting this month, I am fully ready to to take the world in all it’s vignetted, super saturated, slightly off balanced, light leaked, sun flared glory. 
Meet my new Diana Mini lomography camera, you can call her Dannie that’s fine and as you can see up top she’s making good friends with Danbo. Photography has played a vital role in my life in the past few years when I decided to delve back into the visually creative side of things after a long hiatus. It’s an art that’s at once mechanically simple yet conceptually complex but above all the long history and rhetoric on the subject, I’ve always loved that photography is what you make of it.

Lomography is actually quite a new word in my vocabulary, only making a solid appearance about a year or so ago. Getting serious into film cameras was something I initially avoided because I didn’t think I was quite up for the challenge of learning how live without the auto functions. Yes, in part I have grown to be a slave of convenience.

Source | Flickr Belair Group | Tony Kemplen
The appeal of Lomography as a whole struck me with it’s spontaneity, moody expressionism and adventure for life. Unlike more traditionalist photography genres, there are no rules, no boundaries and the only words to live by is “just shoot”. Identified usually by it’s super saturated tones, colour shifts, light leaks and vignetting, it’s the rise of the perfectly imperfect photo.

Source | Flikr Lomo Group | iAmLordLarry

Source | Flickr Lomo Group | Urca

After a good many weeks of traveling, I decided it was only proper to welcome Dannie to my place with a little unboxing video. So in honour of her arrival, here she is in the spotlight.

I picked up Dannie here as part of a package, including the flash attachment for $99 CAD which includes all the parts and paper that you see below. The guidebook that you receive will correspond to the type of lomo camera that you order and will show case artworks and inspirations. If you’re not in the mood for white, this little thing also comes dressed in various colour combinations and prints to suit your fancy.
It’s worth noting that the Diana Mini shoots in both 1/2 frame sized photos and square frames which not makes them absolutely kitsch for toting in your wallet but also more bang for your average roll of film. While this camera uses standard 35mm film, there’s still much to experiment with with filters, slide film or black and white.


The easiest place to get your lomography gear, whether you choose the Diana Mini or any other lomography camera is from their online website. Certain countries do have free standing lomography stores and certain special retailers may also carry lomography products (such as Urban Outfitters).


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