Daily Goods: LE Etude perfumed syrup nail set


Ever since I tried out the Etude house Party Gradation nail set, I was hooked on these little minis. With their pretty colour combos and ease of use, there is no more reason not to have pretty sparkly nails again!

Etude gradation nail set

This limited edition set features a collaboration with illustrator Annika Wester (blog here) and not just the nail polish either but the the entire Etude House 2010 “Wannabe” winter set!

Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails

…doesn’t smell (or taste I don’t think) like anything sweet so the name is rather deceiving but the colour combo is very sweet indeed! And at price of around $12 CAD (likely even cheaper in Korea), I would consider this a great value.

Etude gradation nail set

Of course you can layer this with a opaque base coat (instead of the sheer/pearl white they give here) to create various looks but if you really love glitter then this set looks very promising. I have yet to try it out on my own fingers yet since I’m currently enduring some nail issues but you can be sure a review for the Etude polishes will be on the way.

Sneak peak at the rest of the collection.

I was incredibly tempted by the LE lipsticks in those adorable little tubes….they are still floating around in the back of my mind. The compact shown is a shimmer powder, likely similar to a MAC beauty powder/pressed powder duo so I skipped out on that one.

Wannabe Sweet like Etude?
The last time I checked you can find these LE items online,
on ebay and also on Colorful Circle (here), (no affiliation).


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