HairDiary: My Hair Routine!

t’s a complex relationship, you know, this thing between women and their hair. Many of use feel greatly attached to it, perhaps much more than any other of our outwardly visible body part. Sometimes we love it, other times it drives us crazy.


My relationship with my hair is no different. Though I’ve never been extremely caught up in the latest hair “styles” or doing different looks day to day, I have and have been for quite a few years now, in a locked combat between colouring my hair and caring for it. You colour it. Then feel guilty and try to treat it. Your roots grow out and you’re back to colouring.

Currently however, I’ve been putting in a good effort to keep my hair in its best possible shape, while still doing some colouring from time to time. My best hair buddy? Conditioners, masks and post-shower treatments. 
Here I’ll share some of my current haircare items!

a photo log

Shiseido Tsubaki Shinning haircare
  • Shiseido Tsubaki Shinning Haircare [shampoo + conditioner]

For me this line (at least the red one) is pretty mediocre. Its good but nothing fantastic. I think perhaps it is one of those things you need to use over time to see consistent results. For a basic haircare line its good and I like the way it smells.

Joico K-Pak haircare

  • Joico K-Pak haircare [Shampoo & Conditioner]

Nothing but good things to say about Joico’s K-Pak line. Yes it is REALLY expensive and totally not within my budget for haircare however I will get it if it goes on sale for a good deal. After the very first use I could tell the effect it had on my hair, it was just so much smoother, resilient and manageable. I suppose it may not be the best choice for oily hair but otherwise, a stand out product!

Essential Haircare + Tsubaki Haircare

  • KAO Essential Damage Care [Nuance Airy]
  • Shiseido Tsubaki DamageCare Conditioner
Surprisingly, I really enjoy this combo as well. Even though they are from two completely different lines I like that the shampoo lightens up the feel of my hair while the heavier conditioner treats my ends. The bane of coloured hair is often oily roots and dry ends and this combination of products pretty much solves the problem. I quite like both of them!
Hair Tretments-Argan Oil

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