Review: HADALABO | Moist BB Cream + Swatch

Hello Everyone,

Following the success of their very popular skincare line, Hadalabo (the Japanese Skincare line) has released a sunscreen and BB Cream line!

*jump for excitement*
Hadalabo BB Moist Cream_03

As I’m already a devoted fan of their Shiroyjun Whitening skincare (reviewed HERE), I went straight to try their BB Cream. I believe its a good sign when a skincare brand starts doing makeup because I feel that they will likely make colour products with a skincare conscience. 

…..want to know what I think of this Hadalabo BB Cream? Read on!

The packaging and aesthetic of this product certainly reflects Hadalabo’s concept on simple, effective skincare…the branding is minimalistic with clear bright text. Perhaps a little bland for some, but I personally think it works well with its pre-existing line, one look at this and you KNOW its from Hadalabo.

Hadalabo BB Moist Cream_01

Brand: Hadalabo
Product: BB Moist Cream SPF32/PA+++
Variation: Emulsion type (for oily skin) and Cream type (for dry skin)
Colours: #01, #02
Size: 45g
Price: $20 CAD (via eBay)
Availability: eBay or Adam Beauty online
Would I repurchase: Yes.

I choose the darker of the 2 shades available for this BB Cream (the Emulsion version also has 2 shades but not the exact same shades as the BB Cream), which is Natural Ochre. While it is darker than my skin tone, I find that once it blends out, I have no real problem with it though that might change as I get paler in the winter.

(having a terrible breakout at the moment…oiiii)
HADALABO BB Cream Before-After

*Sorry Everyone, I couldn’t find the packaging for the BB Cream so no ingredients list for you today 😦

Hadalabo BB Moist Cream_02


  • BB Cream (2 shades) & BB Emulsion (2 shades)
  • Leaning towards yellow undertones, runs slighter darker than other Korean BB Creams I have encountered
  • Both have SPF to protect you from the sun rays
  • Texture is very bendable with fingers
  • Medium coverage & layer-able
  • Hydrates the skin through out the day
  • Soft semi-glowy finish
  • BB “CREAM” version: recommended for dry, normal or combination skin
  • No breakouts or sensitivity!

Overall this has got to be one of my favourite BB Cream ever, of course I’ve still got my eye on a few others I want to try but really, I think this product full fills pretty much all of my requirements on a basic BB Cream. Albeit it doesn’t have any “miraculous” skincare/healing results, the fact that it can keep my skin hydrated through a 10hr + day is a huge feat on its own and I’d say that the skincare background of Hadalabo really stands out in this base care. Highly recommend this for everyone, try the Cream or the Emulsion, either way I think the quality of the product is certainly evident.

7 thoughts on “Review: HADALABO | Moist BB Cream + Swatch

  1. Jen says:

    Oh wow.. looks like super great coverage 🙂 If you use MAC products.. what shade range would you be in? (I'll probably end up getting the darker shade as well since I'm not that pale.. but yeah, always good to reference ^^) I hope your skin gets better too! ❤


  2. Crystal Gale says:

    I have combination skin…Oily forehead-dry cheeks…Do you think it's better if I used the cream instead of the emulsion? Oh, and would you know if Shade 2 is near the Tarte smooth operator in shade Agent 06? thanks!


  3. PBunnieP says:

    I think combination skin can probably get away with either the emulsion or the cream (if you use the emulsion, just remember to put a little extra moisturizer on your cheeks beforehand). Although I've never used it myself I think that the cream might have just a bit more coverage than the emulsion. I also tried looking for swatches of Tarte's S.O. in Agent 6 online but can't find any swatches so I'm not sure if they shades are close or not. If you know the MAC colour system, the BB cream looks like a NC25-30.


  4. Crystal Gale says:

    Thank you for replying! I am around NC 20-25 and I am acidic so I prefer to use a shade lighter. Would Shade 1 fit me? I will just ask a Japanese friend to get me one in Japan and I wanted to make it easy for her to buy in the store. thank you for your help 🙂


  5. PBunnieP says:

    In that case, you'd probably better go with the lighter (Shade #1). I'm around MAC NC15-NC20 and shade #2 is a little dark for me. If you know your skin is more acidic then go with #1.


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