HAUL: Scented nails & Purple Shampoo & Daiso bits


Scented. Nail. Polish.

Maybe I’m just a little late on the bandwagon, I did notice that Revlon came out with a range of scented polishes this Spring (?) but of course I thought it was totally gimmcky. *Pfffftttt….walks away*

But as I was browsing my local drugstore today the clearance bin had a bottle of this lovely peach/pink polish and of course I can really never have too many of that colour. At 2.99CAD it went right into the basket, not to mention I as interested to try Revlon polish for the first time.

To date, though I am not a huge nail polish junkie, my favourite brand would be OPI. BUT I must confess that this scented polish deal really blew my mind. According to the package, its supposed to be scented after it dries. When you are putting it on, it reeks of that awefull normal polish smell…in fact I didn’t think about it at all after I put it on. But as I was doing my work I caught a whiff of a sweet candy smell.

Suddenly I realized it was the NAIL POLISH! HOLLY MUFFINS!
There was absolutely no residual nail polish chemical scent but only a soft candy scent. Not quite Peach Smoothie but good enough for me!
The colour is sprinkled with fine golden shimmer that looks like a pale slightly warm peach/flesh tone and is just fabulous. Not to mention SUPER FAST drying time. BINGO ๐Ÿ™‚

At this point I must show you this adorable item I found at DAISO. I would go every couple of months when I have accumulated enough stuff on my “need to buy at Daiso list”. (Of course I end up not buying alot of the things on the list and buying alot of things NOT on the list….but thats a different story on its own.)

I had saw these cute items when I had been watching Kawaii TV, an episode on Sweets. Too cute for words ^-^


As a comb it is really just average but I just love how people think you are a nut when you pull out what looks like a piece of chocolate. hahahha!

On another note, at Daiso I was also lucky enough to come across an egg roll pan. From the cook books I’ve read, the sweet rolled egg has to be made in a rectangular pan so you can roll it and it will come out in a rectangular block.
They had a mini-pan so I thought I’d test out my egg rolling skills ๐Ÿ˜€

*Will report back on this issue later. Haven’t had time to test it out yet*

Ahhhh by now you must be eager to find out about this PURPLE SHAMPOO BUSINESS. The simple answer is really only 2 words.

John Frieda (Colour Renew Shampoo and Conditioner for blonde hair)

Well that wasn’t quite 2 words.

John Frieda-Colour Renew

I had been eyeing this line since the day it came out. While I dont have blonde hair, I do have coloured/bleached hair which tends to get brassy/orangey. The idea is that purple colour will cancel out this orange tone and make your hair well…more blonde. This duo is definitely serious about their claim…I mean check out that PURPLE shade in the shampoo?!?! While you can sometimes purchase colour correcting/enhancing shades from salon brands, it is rare to find a drugstore option. Hopefully it will do its magic!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m planning to renovate my hair again. I’m planning to start the bleaching perhaps tomorrow…cut on Sunday and overall colour next week. I will fill you guys in with more “Hair Diary” posts! Maybe even a demo ^-^

Have a good sleep ~

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